Useful Tips

To preserve or rediscover your property’s original beauty

This site will show how to invest wisely in the maintenance and preservation of our home without spending huge amounts of money.

In the Heritage and Quality Renovation Guide, recognized experts propose a range of information and useful tips that will help you take good care of these precious and decorative architectural elements on your property’s façade when your renovate your home. These beautiful elements, when well maintained, are always a source of pride for an owner.

Remember that a well-maintained house whose façade has retained its original architectural characteristics will always have a better resale value than one that has been neglected or that has lost its heritage elements because alterations were made to follow passing styles. Real estate market experts confirm this fact further in this guide…

With regular maintenance and astute interventions, your building can retain or recover its original beauty and thus contribute to the improvements of the city’s streets and neighbourhoods.


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Doors and Windows

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– Reconditioning Existing Windows
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Energy Efficiency

– Geothermal Energy
– Go Green!


– How to Appreciate a Beautiful Facade
– Architectural Woodwork
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Home Renovation Classes

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Interior Design

– Bathroom Renovations
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– Painting
– Inspecting Your House
– Maintain, Repair or Restore
– Worth More on the Market?


– Exterior Wall Facing
– Brick Pointing

Real Estate

– Planning and Preparation


– A Roof is the “Architectural Persona” of a House